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Making Tax Digital
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VAT Return filing for spreadsheets

Used by the top 15 accountancy firms
33,000+ entities file with us

Used by Top 15 Accountancy Firms to Bookkeepers - FTSE PLCs to Window Cleaners.

Sage and Quickbooks compatible
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HM Revenue and customs approved

Making Tax Digital for VAT Software

Book keeping and spreadsheets
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Sage & Quickbooks

Instead of printing your VAT return in your software, export it to Excel.
Upload the Excel file to our website for VAT Return Submission.
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Making tax digital for VATCompatible with Sage and quickbooks
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VAT Software for MTD Reviews

I’ve filed 40 VAT Returns so far on 123 Sheets for clients, and have found it efficient, simple and easy to use.
BR Pusser & Co
123 Sheets testimonial
I tried other bridging software, and gave up in despair! I then found 123 Sheets which I found simple and easy to file my VAT Return
Trusted Floor Solutions Ltd
123 Sheets testimonial
The software looked so easy, I suspected fraud. My accountant told me you are legitimately approved by HMRC. I’ve now filed my first VAT Return with ease.
Abbey Pet Foods
123 Sheets testimonial
I feel smug that I have filed my first VAT Return with 123 Sheets, and haven’t had to pay hundreds to one of the larger software providers.
Saxtead Livestock Ltd
123 Sheets testimonial
I’ve filed 40 VAT Returns so far on 123 Sheets for clients, and have found it efficient, simple and easy to use.
BR Pusser & Co
123 Sheets testimonial
I looked at various software, but found this the simplest and easiest. I’ve filed 4 VAT Returns so far for my clients. I didn’t need to read any instructions.
All Paul Ltd
123 Sheets testimonial
Many thanks for your endless patient help with MTD registrations. I hope you don't mind but I have recommended your software to quite a number of clients.
Martin Seitler & Co
I looked at various software, but found this the simplest and easiest. I’ve filed 4 VAT Returns so far for my clients. I didn’t need to read any instructions.
All Paul Ltd
Don’t just take our word for it – try the Demo for free:

MTD for VAT - Submit VAT Returns with Ease

Our making tax digital VAT software is compatible with Microsoft Excel 1997 through the latest versions.

Our software also works with Apple Numbers, Open Office and Libre Office in the same way as it works with Excel.

With MTD VAT bridging software comes increased visibility: more of your VAT affairs are visible in real-time via our software, such as amounts outstanding to HMRC.

With tens of thousands of businesses already using our spreadsheet VAT digital software for MTD, we work with all sizes of businesses, organisations and individuals to provide the best making tax digital vat bridging software. Trial our digital vat return software for free or create an account with 123 Sheets to get started.

Our software is designed to make submitting your VAT return as easy as possible. It simply creates a bridge between the data you have in your spreadsheets and the HMRC system for submitting returns digitally. With our digital vat software, you can get an overview of all your transactions, check and submit your VAT return securely online, and link your spreadsheets to HMRC's digital system.

So, whether you're an individual with a few transactions or an SME or large company producing hundreds, thousands or millions of invoices a month, our MTD for VAT software is the perfect solution for making tax digital. Try it out today and see just how easy life can be with 123 Sheets.

Making tax digital VAT software

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I Don’t Have Excel, Do You Work With Other Spreadsheet Software?
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Yes. Our software now works in the same way: whether its Apple Numbers, Open Office, Libre Office or Microsoft Excel. Click on a video link to see how easy it is to use our MTD bridging software to file your VAT.   Apple Numbers    Open Office    Libre Office

If you use Google Sheets, upload our Excel file to Google Sheets, and when you are ready to file, download your Google Sheets spreadsheet as an Excel file.

What is MTD for VAT?
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VAT registered businesses must follow the rules for 'Making Tax Digital for VAT' by using digital bookkeeping software, for example a spreadsheet.  

123 Sheets offers the best software for making tax digital for vat if you are using a spreadsheet.

What records must you keep digitally?
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According to the UK Government website, you need to keep digitally the bookkeeping data you would need to file a VAT Return.

All of these records you can keep in a spreadsheet

You do not need to scan paper records like sales invoices, purchase invoices, bank statements or receipts

What is ‘Making Tax Digital’?
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There are two basic elements to this:

1. You must keep your bookkeeping, through to the VAT filing, on computerised systems. You cannot do it in ledger books/paper anymore;
2. The HMRC government gateway website can no longer be used for filing VAT Returns. If your bookkeeping software doesn’t have a facility for you to file your VAT Return, you will need bridging software. This is what we provide.

What Data do you Send to HMRC?
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We extract out of your spreadsheet the nine-box VAT Return figures and send those to HMRC.
HMRC do not get your spreadsheet. We do not keep anything you upload to us.

How Do I Insert The 123Sheets Worksheet Into My Excel Spreadsheet?
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Watch this video:

or follow these steps:

1. Ensure you have both spreadsheets open on Excel: our worksheet and your bookkeeping spreadsheet;
2. Then, click on "View" then "View Side-by-Side". You should now see both spreadsheets at the same time: one above, one below on the same page;
3. Now pick up by the tab and drop either our worksheet into your spreadsheet, or vice versa to finish.

Failing that, you do not need to merge our worksheet into yours. You can keep the two spreadsheets separate, and use a formula to move your VAT Return nine-box figures to our spreadsheet and just upload that.

What Is Making Tax Digital for VAT?
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Making tax digital for VAT is the HMRC initiative that requires businesses registered for VAT to make all their VAT returns digitally through compatible software.

Is this the best software for making tax digital for VAT?
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Yes, we believe our making digital tax software is one of the best solutions for businesses and individuals who must submit VAT returns digitally. Try our free trial today to see how easy it is to file VAT returns.

How to do a digital VAT return?
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Our software makes it easy to produce a digital VAT return that meets HMRC requirements. Simply enter your data into a spreadsheet and link it to our software, and then submit the return directly to HMRC for processing. The whole process should take no more than a few minutes!

What is making tax digital VAT bridging software?
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Making tax digital (MTD) software is designed to bridge the gap between Excel spreadsheets and HMRC's digital systems for filing VAT returns.

How to register for making tax digital for VAT?
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From November 2022, your business will be automatically signed up to Making Tax Digital for VAT if it is VAT Registered. You should sign up for a Making Tax Digital compatible software package, like 123 Sheets, to help you file your returns digitally. You can try our software for free before signing up for an account.
br/>Registering with us not only ensures that you comply with MTD requirements, but it will also save you time and make filing your VAT returns easier than ever! Get started today and see what a difference digital VAT filing can make to your business.

Don’t I need to Put My Business Details in The Spreadsheet?
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No. In order to file a VAT Return, you will set up an account with us and enter those details there. When filing a VAT Return to HMRC, we send those details and your VAT Return figures to HMRC, so we do not need to ask you for them each time you submit a VAT Return.

Do you Work with Sage, Quickbooks and Other Bookkeeping Software?
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Yes, we have a section above for Sage and Quickbooks. As long as your software allows you to export the Return into Excel or a .csv file, you can use our software. If it will only export a PDF, you can use a free PDF converter on the internet to convert your file into an Excel file. We are looking to increase the number of automatic imports for different software. If your software isn’t listed, get in touch, and we may be able to provide an automatic import facility for you within a week or so.

Do you Work with Different VAT Schemes?
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Yes, we work with all VAT Schemes.

FRS, Groups, Partial Exemption, Capital Goods, Margin Schemes, Cash Accounting, Annual Scheme, Retail Schemes, Payments on Account etc can all use our software.Just ensure the figures on your return are calculated correctly according to your scheme rules and are put in the correct boxes as per the rules for your VAT scheme. (Eg: on the FRS, Box 6 is the Gross Sales (inc. VAT), and Box 1 is your FRS % multiplied by your box 6 figure – other boxes are normally zero).

What Kind of Businesses do you Work With?
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We work with all sizes of businesses, organisations and individuals.

How do I Purchase Your Software?
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Create an account with us. Do that by clicking on “Create Account” near the top of this page. Then log in to your account and select the ‘Purchase’ link.

Can I Try This Software Before Buying?
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Yes, you can use our Demo Version.

There is a ‘Try Our Demo - for free!’ button below the main VAT video above and at the very top of this page.

Do you keep my Data Secure?
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Yes, we have a section on our home page dedicated to that, entitled “We Take Your Data Security Seriously”. Please visit our home page for those details.

How Much Does it Cost?
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Find further back up this page the VAT pricing section.

How Do I File My EC Sales List?
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EC Sales Lists are not yet part of Making Tax Digital, so file those however you were filing them previously.

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